Custom packages designed to support you in your online business goals.

Do you have a brand new website that you want the world to see?
Did you recently redeisgn your site or restruture your content?
Are you hoping to start a new web redesign and you don’t want to lose your rankings?

If any of this sounds like where you’re at right now, this package is for you!

Clarity about where you are now helps you to make better decisions for the future.

SEO offers valuable insights that takes you on a ride to the deeper layers of your online business strategy.

You’ve likely made some big investments in your business to create the message you want to share online. I know how frustrating it can be to see low numbers coming in after having invested so much.

When you begin to uncover what’s working and what isn’t working, you take back your power in your online presence. 

I want you to feel confident about your analytics data. I want you to know how and why your site is ranking and what to do to continue to improve.

Search engine algorithms are ever-changing and ever-adapting in our market.

There are so many things that impact your site’s ranking, it can be difficult to pin-point exactly what you should be focusing on.

Expanding Commmunity = More $ = Bigger Impact

What you can expect from our work together:

After our initial call and questionnaire, I’ll assess your current SEO status using the following tools, which help me to develop detailed reports, implement changes to improve your site’s visibility to both bots and humans. I’ll also provide suggestions for maintaining good SEO habits in developing new content down the road.

I’ll use these tools and my own custom process to review your site’s structure, content, domain and page rankings, authority, your link structure, and anything else that’s important to your business.  After a thorough review I’ll offer you some recommendations to adjust your current strategy as I see fit.

Things we will work on together:

  • Keyword cleanup/implementation: identify specific, targeted keywords to optimize current content (through keyword research)
  • Content cleanup: check to see that links are clear and related to specified keywords, organization of copy, title tags, evaluation of length of copy, in-content link anchor text (linking internally)
  • Metadata cleanup: specify descriptive meta description, title, image alt-tags, etc.
  • Link building: review of current inbound and external links, suggestions for earning more valuable links
  • Review of claimed business listings/profiles: facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, pinterest, tumblr, stumbleupon, flickr, etc. (anything else that may be relevant).
  • Claiming one’s business name across as many platforms as possible to increase potential domination of first page search
  • Includes a review of business reviews plus suggestions for earning more/combating low stars

After your inital strategy review and the implementation of our agreed upon modifications to your site, we will continue to work together to keep a close eye on your data to ensure everything is moving in a positive direction.

 I suggest at least a 4 month SEO strategizing timeline to begin seeing results. This gives us time to determine what is working for your particular audience and where we can improve. Each month, I’ll review your data, send you a report with further suggestions, and with your approval, implement them.

Also included in this package:

  • monthly phone calls (up to 1 hour each, 6 total) to go over your monthly reporting, celebrate successes, understand shortcomings, and evaluate the best approach for moving forward
  • monthly reports (delivered in PDF and Excel via email) with supplemental documents for any relevant data or suggestions
  • unlimited email support from me (you’ll recieve a response within 24 hours unless otherwise discussed)

Are you at a loss for words?
Have you exhausted your list of topics to write about?
Are you looking to write a new blog post that will inspire your audience to take action?
Do you want to build a new landing page that will actually convert?
Are you sick of writing content that you THINK your audience wants, but you aren’t actually sure it is even serving them.
If any of this is ringing true for you, then you are in the right place.
This 6 months strategy is intended to provide you with the guidance and support that you need to build your content strategy in a powerful and effective way.
While working closely together we will dive into your current content to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t so we can develop a strategy for new content creation that’s perfectly aligned with your goals.
During this time together we will get really clear about what content you should be writing, why you should be writing it, how it should be delivered,  who will benefit from it, and how to reach them. Together, we will:

  • understand your goals in creating new content or revamping old content
  • get to know your competitors to find out what’s working for them (and what isn’t)
  • identify what topics you are passionate about that resonate with your ideal audience
  • undergo in-depth keyword research to better comprehend what keywords are reasonable to go after and how to do so cost effectively
    incorporate any advertising strategies you already have in place or develop new strategies for delivering ads on Google or Facebook

When you truly know your audience, you become an invaluable source of information, guidance and support for what they are seeking most.

Become an authority leader in your community. Earn respect and feel in full alignment with your intention in every word you write.

By investing the time to develop your content in a thoughful, clear, and passionate way, your followers will have no hesitation in coming to you for the most reputable information in your industry.

Also included in this package:

  •  assessment, review and implementation included in the 6 Month SEO Starter Package
  •  monthly reports (delivered in PDF and Excel via email) with supplemental documents for any relevant data or suggestions
  • monthly phone calls (up to 1 hour each, 12 total) to go over your monthly reporting, celebrate successes, understand shortcomings, and evaluate the best approach for moving forward
  • unlimited email support from me (you’ll receive a response within 24 hours unless otherwise discussed)